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Features of the ChalosoftPOS

1.Inventory features(stocks)

  • Stock item management(Re order levels, Obsolete stocks,)
  • Inventory costing methods(FIFO, Average cost, LIFO, Zero cost)
  • Stock transfer(By Branch/Location wise)

2. Accounting Key Features
  • General ledgers and cash book
  • Sales &Expenses Management
  • Profit and loss account statement(Income statement)
  • Balance sheet(Statement of financial position)
  • Cash flow statement
  • Fund flow statement
  • Trial Balance statement
  • Cost centers
  • Bill/invoice wise details
  • Branch accounting
  • Vat accounting (Input/output Vat account)&Analysis

3. Point of Sale (POS)
  • Barcode Support and Multiple barcode for single item
  • Stock item locations
  • Multi units (Measures) e.g Kgs, litres, metres, Pcs, Bags of 10kg, tin of 20kg etc.
  • Sales: Cash sales &credit sales
  • Sales invoices(For Credit sales)
  • Cash receipts (For Cash sales)
  • Sales returns notes
  • Sales orders notes
  • Sales quotation notes
  • Credit notes
  • Delivery Notes
  • Debtors ageing analysis(monitoring)
  • Purchases: Cash purchase &Credit purchase
  • Purchase Invoice(For credit purchase)
  • Purchase receipt (For cash purchase)
  • Purchase returns notes
  • Purchase enquiry note
  • Purchase orders(LPOs)
  • Debit notes
  • Good received notes
  • Supplier ageing analysis(monitoring)

4.Production/Manufacturing module
5.Project Management module
6.Job cards management module
7.Payroll Processing/management

8.Other key features
  • Users rights(Authority levels/rights)
  • Members cards and redeem(Loyalty points),
  • Bulk Sms and Email notifications
  • Data Backup and restore daily
  • Accounting reports e.g. sales, expenses, stocks, service etc. (Charts and histograms)

1.Inventory detailed reports and summary reports
2.Sales and purchase reports
3.Account and Finance reports
4.Project reports
5.Production reports
6.Counter Reports
7.Payroll reports
8.Daily Profit reports
9.DashBoard Reports summary (Today receipt,Today payments,Today Sales,Last week Purchase,Last week sales,Last week week cash flow)
10.Daily sales and Daily purchase Reports
11.SMS&Email Log Files reports.

September 18, 2019
Retail and Wholesale outlets
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